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ARINC 429 VMEbus Interface

  • Up to 24 ARINC 429 channels
  • Dedicated 68040 processor (27.8 MIPS)
  • 429 processing on local bus
  • Stand alone mode
  • Four IndustryPack positions
  • Mix with other IndustryPacks -- A/D, D/A, Digital I/O, Servos, etc.
  • Optional: SCSI and Ethernet
  • Available in a variety of hardware and software configurations, the VME429-1 is a versatile ARINC 429 interface for VMEbus computers. Each VME429-1 consists of Ballard Technology software and one or more single-width ARINC 429 IndustryPack modules (IP429-1s) installed on a Motorola MVME162 processor board. Each IP429-1 contains four receivers and two transmitters. The 68040 on the Motorola MVME162 carrier board performs the processing required to handle up to 24 ARINC 429 channels (16 receivers and 8 transmitters) on four IndustryPack modules. Embedded software enables the user to easily configure and operate the VME429-1.

    Power and flexibility are key features of the VME429-1. Running on a local bus, the 68040 processor handles ARINC 429 messages on-board without loading the VMEbus or master CPU. In minimal systems the VME429-1 can operate as the only board or as the VMEbus master. Unused IndustryPack slots may be populated with a wide variety of modules (A/D, D/A, digital I/O, GPIB, servos, etc.) to meet specific requirements. Options such as SCSI, Ethernet, added memory and other CPUs are available on the carrier board without occupying an IndustryPack slot.

    The embedded software enables the user to develop applications with minimal effort. A library of functions to configure and operate the VME429-1 is included in the software. The user communicates with the VME429-1 through a command process over the VMEbus or a serial port. Many applications can be implemented with little or no user software beyond commands that define the channel configurations and data structures.

    The VME429-1 is suitable for a wide range of applications from product test to high performance system simulation. All the power, flexibility and options available on the MVME162 are available to the VME429-1.