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Industrial Communication Products > Serial Communication > Converters > Media Converters
ME51 Series

10/100 Base-TX to 100 Base-FX Fiber Converter

  • Supports 10/100BaseT(X) auto-negotiation for very easy installation
  • Select TP port's cable connection by DIP Switch
  • Select fiber connection's half/full duplex mode by DIP Switch
  • Easy to use—plug and play capability
  • Long distance network applications
  • Harsh environments with electronic interference
  • MOXA Media Converter is a standalone physical layer device that converts between 10/100BaseT(X) and 100BaseFX segments of the same network. The converter is designed with a switch controller and memory buffer, providing smooth operation and data transfer between the two media.

    One of the predominant applications of MOXA Media Converter is as a LAN extender, in the sense that two converters can be used in tandem to connect remote 10/100BaseT(X) segments belonging to the same LAN. In this case, the fiber optic medium has the ability to connect LAN segments located a distance of up to 15 km apart. Note that this type of setup transmits data at the maximum rate of 100 Mbps across the fiber, greatly reducing the chance of packet collisions between the two LAN segments. Fiber optic data transmission is also immune to interference caused by lightning, power transformers, and the switching on and off of large motors. MOXA Media Converter can be used to run fiber cable through areas that would cause interference problems if copper cabling were used.

    Ordering Information

    Item    Description    Price    Qty
    ME51-M-SC    10/100Base-TX to 100BaseFx media converter
    support multi mode, SC type fiber connection
       $ 411.00   
    ME51-M-ST    10/100Base-TX to 100BaseFx media converter,
    support multi mode, ST type fiber connection
       $ 411.00   
    ME51-S-SC    10/100Base-TX to 100BaseFx media converter,
    support single mode, SC type fiber connection
       $ 983.00   

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