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Surplus Products > CCTV Surplus > Framegrabbers

PCI-X 240fps Framegrabber Board


  • Four video color digitizers  
  • Four on-board JPG encoders
  • Total 240 fps Capture Speed  
  • 64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X bus compatible with any conventional PCI slot  
  • Quick switching between up to 16 cameras on 4 digitizers  
  • Expandable architecture:  
  • TTL I/O lines and watchdog
  • Software support:  - DirectShow filters  & MultiCam drivers 

    The Picolo Jet-X is a new video frame grabber board for multiple-channel video capture.

    This 64-bit 133 MHz PCI-X bus board captures simultaneously four video streams. It is able to simultaneously digitise four video signals, to compress them into JPEG or MotionJPEG format and to send the resulting digital data in real time into the PC memory. The Picolo Jet-X allows sending to the PC the original image or the compressed one. 

    With up to three video expansion brackets, the Picolo Jet-X also manages quick switching between up to sixteen cameras. It accepts standard composite color (PAL, NTSC) or monochrome (CCIR, EIA) video formats.

    The Picolo series generates bitmaps in all popular color formats such as RGB, YUV, planar or packed. The Picolo series video capture boards are designed to drastically simplify the design of video surveillance applications. TTL I/O lines and watchdog are provided for system integration and the Picolo Jet-X is compatible with the MIO module.

  • The Euresys boards come with DirectShow filters and the Windows and Linux MultiCam drivers.

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