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Sensors > Gyroscopes

High performance 6DOF IMU

  • High Stability MEMS Sensors
  • Gyro and Accel Range Options
  • Analog and Digital Outputs
  • No Calibration Required
  • The IMU400CA is a high performance low-cost solid-state six-degree-of-freedom(6DOF) Inertial Package intended for OEM Navigation and Control, dynamics testing and instrumentation applications. This high reliability strap-down inertial sub-system provides accurate measurement of angular rate and linear acceleration.

    The IMU400 series product builds on the performance of the IMU300 series. It features higher performance sensors, including silicon MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes with lower noise and improved bias stability.

    The IMU400CA achieves its excellentperformance by employing proprietary algorithms to characterize and correct for the effects of temperature, linearity and misalignment. Fully compensated angular rate and acceleration outputs are provided in both analog and digital (RS-232) formats.

    Each Inertial System comes with a User’s Manual offering helpful hints on programming, installation, and product information. In addition, the GYRO-VIEW software is included to assist you in system development and evaluation, and allows you to perform data acquisition.

    Ordering Information

    Item    Description    Price    Qty
    IMU400CA-200    High performance 6DOF IMU, Gyro (º/sec): ±200, Accel (g): ± 10    Email for pricing     

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