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Sensors > Gyroscopes

Fiber Optic Vertical Gyro

  • Fiber Optic Gyro Stability
  • Stabilized Roll and Pitch Angle Outputs
  • Fully Compensated Angular Rate and Linear Acceleration Outputs
  • The VG600CA is an intelligent vertical gyro for measuring roll and pitch angles in dynamic environments. The VG600CA uses the latest in Fiber Optic Rate Gyro technology resulting in superior performance, reliability, and stability over time.

    The VG600CA calculates stabilized roll and pitch angles by integrating the angular rate sensor outputs. The adaptive vertical erection algorithm is used to compensate for gyro bias induced errors based on a long term gravity reference provided by the accelerometers. The “authority” of the drift correction can be set via the serial command ‘T’ (refer to the User Manual). The high stability fiber optic gyros allow a low ‘T’ setting which minimizes the effect of “false” gravity references during extreme maneuvers and therefore provides better overall accuracy in dynamic environments.

    Example applications include flight control, avionics, and platform stabilization.

    The VG600CA measures acceleration and rotation rate about three orthogonal axes. The VG600CA employs on-board digital processing to provide a factory calibrated unit with internal compensation for deterministic error sources.

    Each Inertial System comes with a User’s Manual offering helpful hints on programming, installation, and product information. In addition, the GYRO-VIEW software is included to assist you in system development and evaluation, and allows you to perform data acquisition.

    Ordering Information

    Item    Description    Price    Qty
    VG600CA-201    Fiber Optic Vertical Gyro
    Gyro (º/sec):±200, Accel (g):±10
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