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Sensors > Accelerometers > Crossbow > LP Series

Z-Axis Accelerometer 50G

  • High Performance, 1-Axis Accelerometer
  • Small, Low-Cost
  • Reliable Packaging with Screw-Down Mounting
  • Factory Calibrated
  • Axes: X
  • Span (g): ±50
  • Sensitivity (mV/g): 40
  • Noise (mg rms): 50
  • Bandwidth (Hz): DC-100
  • The LP Series accelerometers are low cost, general purpose, linear acceleration and/or vibration sensors available in ranges of ± 4 g, ± 10 g, ± 25 g, ± 50 g, and ± 100 g. Frequent applications are automotive testing, instrumentation, and equipment monitoring. The LP Series sensing element is a silicon micro-machined capacitive beam. The capacitive beam is held in force balance for full scale non-linearity of less than 0.2 %.

    The LP Series offers wide dynamic range, has excellent frequency response, operates on a single +5 VDC power supply, and is easy to interface to standard data acquisition systems. The scale factor and the 0 g output level are both ratiometric to the power supply so the accelerometer and any following circuitry will track each other if the supply voltage varies. Alternatively, by specifying the -R option, an unregulated 8-30 V power supply can be used. The CXL50LP3 and other LP Series sensors provide a direct high-level analog voltage output. The output requires no external signal conditioning electronics and may be directly interfaced to an A/D or other data acquisition hardware.

    Compared to traditional piezoelectric and piezoresistive accelerometer technologies, the silicon micro-machined sensors offer equivalent performance at a significantly lower cost.

    Ordering Information

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    CXL50LP1Z    Z-Axis Accelerometer 50G    Email for pricing     
    Option-AL    High temperature casing    Email for pricing     
    Option-R    Voltage Regulator    Email for pricing     

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