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Industrial Communication Products > Bluetooth

Bluetooth wireless technology will revolutionize the way you use your computer, phone and many other electronic devices. Imagine being able to connect to any other electronic device within a 10 or 100 metres radius. Imagine not having to check whether you have the right cables and connectors with you to link your PC to your phone or to a local network system. Think of the freedom...now it's a reality!

Over time Bluetooth devices will allow you to do all this and much more.

Model        Description    Price
   BL-500    Bluetooth PCMCIA Card    $ 210.00

More Information
   BL-510    Bluetooth RS232 Adaptor    $ 258.75

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   BL-554    Bluetooth USB Adaptor    $ 174.38

More Information
   BL-565    Bluetooth CompactFlash Card    $ 221.25

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