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Products for distributing or boosting analog video signals
Audio microphones, audio recorders and audio accessories including IP audio interface units for surveillance and monitoring applications.
We are able to offer a wide range of cable types to suit any application. Cables can be made to order as per customer's requirements - please contact us for more information.

Our infra-red illuminators allow a CCD camera to see in complete darkness and in situations of poor visibility.

They take advantage of the near-infra-red light spectrum (760~1000 nm). The light spectrum which is visible to the human eye ranges from 400 nm to 760 nm (Visible Light Spectrum). Black and white CCD cameras are able to operate in both visible and near-infra-red light spectra. Colour cameras normally feature an IR cut-out filter which limits operation to the visible light spectrum. This is because daylight conditions contain varying amounts of IR light and in order to provide the most accurate colour reproduction, one need to filter out all or certain infra-red light.

Modern day/night cameras which switch from colour to black and white either feature a motorised filter which is removed in black and white mode or a fixed IR filter which only removes certain IR light during daylight. Many factors influence IR illuminator performance. These include other light sources in the area, surface colour, surface reflection and more. To improve performance, it is recommended to mount the units in a position from which the infra-red light is able to reflect off a surface and not simply â??pointed-in-the-airâ??. Other recommendations include using a black and white or day/night camera with an EX-View CCD chip and an IR compatible lens with low F-stop such as our E-13VG2811ASIR. This lens provides focused images in both visible and near-infra-red light spectra.

Typical applications for illuminators include use in covert observation systems, discrete monitoring of offices and warehouses at night and for perimeter security protection where lighting is poor or difficult to implement.

We offer some models of the illuminators in 880 nm and some in 940 nm. he 880 nm versions provide a longer range, but are slightly visible to the human eye with a slight red glow. For more covert surveillance applications, the 940 nm illuminators are better suited as the IR is invisible to the human eye.

These infra-red illuminators have been designed with reliability and long use in mind. They feature long life luminodiodes with integrated forming optics and special light filter. Constructed of aluminium alloy, the housings have been designed with optimised heat dissipation in mind and can operate in a wide temperature range. They are powder coated and black in colour. O-ring seals provide IP65 protection and allow the units to be used indoors or outdoors. A mounting bracket is supplied with each unit.


  • Ideal for Covert & Night Vision Applications
  • IP65 Outdoor Weatherproof rated (most models)
  • Aluminium alloy construction with non-reflective black powder coating
  • Luminodiode Irradiators used
  • Several illumination ranges & angles to choose from
  • 880 nm or 940 nm models available
  • Custom models available
  • Operating Temperature: -30° C ~ +40° C
Products for the protection of CCTV & associated electronics.
Converters to extend Video, VGA or USB signals using twisted pair (UTP CAT5/CAT6 cable)
Video analytic products for the intelligent recognition and processing of video images. Various software products are available. Including products for people counting, video motion object tracking, video alarm detection and left object detection.