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Surveillance Cameras

EagleCCTV is leading CCTV Supplier and we stock a wide range of cameras and CCTV Systems suitable for every application.

Outdoor, Covert Pinhole & Infra-Red Weatherproof Bullet Cameras
These cameras are head mountable and suitable for recording of training sessions, for use by tactical teams for recording operations and for sports people.
Night Vision CCD Cameras for Long Range Night Video Surveillance
Snake Cameras with Pinhole Lenses for Covert Surveillance Applications
Our thermal imaging cameras have been designed to provide surveillance in environments with little or no light present. Thermal cameras are able to pick up the heat signature of individuals and vehicles at great distances.
Our range of submergible cameras includes models that are suitable for use underwater to depths of 20, 50 and 70 metres. 
Cameras for vehicles. Applications include security of goods in transit, mining safety and increased vision for reversing of large vehicles.
Wearable covert cameras for covert video surveillance