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Products for digital video recording and remote transmission of video across TCP/IP networks. Embedded, Stand-alone and PC-Based DVR systems.

Portable Body-Worn Digital Video Recorders for Covert Recording or Portable Video applications
Software for remote monitoring of CCTV DVR systems
Embedded Digital Video Recorders with internal HDD storage space for recording of CCTV cameras.
Video Frame Grabbers For PC-Based Industrial or Commercial Video Capture Applications
EagleCCTV now offers a complete License Plate Recognition System which includes number plate software & infra-red number plate compatible traffic cameras. Used for ANPR and traffic related video surveillance these systems can be used for security at boom gates to estates or number plate capture of vehicles passing a site.

Our solution consists of the following components:

1.) LPR Camera for Day/Night Number Plate Capture (E-WALZ-CAM)

2.) Framegrabber Card (E-PICOLO)

3.) Number Plate Recognition Engine (E-ENGINE.25/ENGINE.100)

4.) Number Plate Management Software Application

DVRs for mobile, railway, vehicle or general transportation applications.