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CCTV Surplus > FireWire
FireWire (IEEE-1394)

Officially called IEEE1394, Firewire by Apple or iLink by Sony, it was created in the late 1980's as a digital technology to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for video communication bandwidth.

Already found in many commercial video products, the Firewire interface is posed to hit the security & industrial imaging world. Offering high speed bi-directional transfer of data, Firewire allows the transer of up to 400 Megabits/second of data. This makes it ideal for streaming of real-time video to a PC. Instead of having to first interface cameras to a framegrabber or imaging board, digital video now goes straight from the camera to the PC. Firewire also supports networking of multiple devices in 'star' or 'tree' formats. Standard cable lengths are generally up to 4.5 metres or up to 70 metres when used with Firewire HUBS. For PC's without a Firewire interface, PCI & Cardbus (PCMCIA) products are available.

Advantages of FireWire include:

• Cameras are automatically recognized and software supported according to their features.

• Hardware can be interchanged or upgraded without reconfiguration.

• Cameras and processing resources can be shared, while keeping strict bandwidth allocation rules when needed.

• Direct corresponding pixel to data without the need for a frame grabber or classic synchronization systems.

• Dynamic changes of features during operation

• Most cameras can be powered directly from the FireWire link

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