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    Downloads | Third Party Drivers

Name:     Description:     Date:
Matlab     Matlab driver and documentation.     2014-04-07
EDRE TestPoint     32bit EDR Enhanced Interface driver for Testpoint software     2007-09-20
EDRE Agilent VEE     EDR Enhanced interface driver for Agilent VEE Pro - 1.5Mbyte Version 1.00.04     2005-06-01
EDRE LabVIEW     EDR Enhanced LabVIEW interface driver - 1.8Mbyte Version 1.1.12     2005-02-24
EDRE LabVIEW (Old)     EDR Enhanced LabVIEW interface driver - 1.87Mbyte     2003-02-13
EDR32Interface.exe     This is an interface driver supporting EDR 32-bit functions running on top of EDR Enhanced. This API has very limited functions e.g. Digital I/O, Simple A/D, Simple D/A and Counter functions. Please contact us for more information.     2002-12-18
EDR_HPVEE.ZIP     HPVEE interface driver for EDR - 183,953 (180kb)     2001-12-06
edrtp.zip     EDR TestPoint 16-bit interface driver - 40,502 bytes (40kb)     2001-12-06
edr_dasylab.zip     EDR DasyLab Interface Driver - 55,344 (54kb)     2001-12-06
edr_labview.zip     EDR LabView Interface Driver - 1,256,092 bytes(1,22MB)     2001-11-22
dasylab32     EDR interface driver for Dasylab 32-bit.     2001-10-22

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