1x 450-042
1x 450-044
1x 450-060
1x 450-061
1x 450-063
1x 450-064
1x 450-066
1x 450-067
1x 450-070
1x 450-072
1x 450-074
1x 450-076
1x 450-091
1x 450-130
1x 450-132
1x 450-134
1x 450-136
1x 450-140
1x 450-142
1x 450-144
1x 460-065
1x 488-USB
1x 4I23B
1x 4I23C
1x ACE-R20A
1x ACE-R20C
1x ADP-751
1x ADP-EP40
1x ADP-EPM7032
1x ADP-GAL16V8
1x ADP-GAL20V8
1x ADP-TMS320E1
1x ANX-1600
1x B0860
1x BAT uPC
1x BL-500
1x BL-510
1x BL-554
1x BL-565
1x C104H (DB9 & DB25)
1x C104H/PCI (DB9 & DB25)
1x C104HS (DB9 & DB25)
1x C104HS/PCI (DB9 & DB25)
1x C168H
1x C168H/PCI
1x C168HS
1x C218Turbo
1x C218Turbo/PCI
1x CBL M25M9x2-50
1x CBL M44M25x4-50
1x CBL M44M9x4-50
1x CF-509
1x CI-104J
1x CI-132
1x CI-132I
1x CI-132IS
1x CI-134
1x CI-134I
1x CI-134IS
1x CP-104UL
1x CP-114
1x CP-114I
1x CP-114IS
1x CP-114S
1x CP-132
1x CP-132I
1x CP-132IS
1x CP-132S
1x CP-132U-I
1x CP-132UL
1x CP-134U (DB9 & DB25)
1x CP-134U-I (DB9 & DB25)
1x CP-168U
1x CP-204J
1x CP-DS
1x CP-DS
1x CP-DSP-100
1x CP-DSP-200/300
1x CP-QS
1x CP-QSP-100
1x CP-QSP-200/300
1x CP-SSP-100
1x CP-SSP-200/300
1x CT-EC00
1x CT-EC01
1x CT-EC02
1x CT-EC03
1x CT-EC04
1x CT-EC05
1x CT10
1x CT10-VD00
1x CT12
1x CT12-VD00
1x CT4
1x CT6
1x CT6-VD00
1x CT8
1x CT8-VD00
1x Custodia-7
1x DE-301
1x DIN-300-64
1x DR-120-24
1x DR-4524
1x DR-75-24
1x DSC-100
1x DSC-100-750
1x DSC-100IND
1x DSC-200/300
1x DSC-200/300IND
1x DSP-100
1x DSP-200/300
1x DSU-100
1x DSU-200/300
1x E-104-CRR2-K300
1x E-104-CRR2-VE200
1x E-535-G
1x E-64T1
1x E-722P-EXR
1x E-723P-EXR
1x E-7720P
1x E-7850
1x E-808
1x E-827P-DN
1x E-9039IRB
1x E-CRI-160
1x E-DV2001
1x E-DW151
1x E-FireBoard-400
1x E-FireBoard-Blue
1x E-FireRepeater
1x E-FLEXCAM-1100
1x E-FLEXCAM-1110
1x E-FLEXCAM-1110D
1x E-FLEXCAM-1110W
1x E-IP-SED-2120
1x E-IP6121-VD
1x E-IPV2101
1x E-IPV2403
1x E-LP-10R01
1x E-LVC-B20HP
1x E-MM15A
1x E-PLA-653
1x E-PLA-654
1x E-PLA-661-KIT
1x E-PLA-662-KIT
1x E-PLA-741
1x E-PLA-741P
1x E-R0516GCS
1x E-RPS82A
1x EB-3800B/ISS-102N-300
1x EB-3800B/ISS-102R-300
1x Genius Mouse
1x GPS-01
1x HE104-512-16
1x HESC104
1x HS7
1x I-386
1x IM Modisp
1x ISS-102N-300
1x ISS-102R-300
1x KCD-MQ01-BA
1x KCD-MQ02-AA
1x KCD-QD01-BA
1x KCD-QD02-BB
1x KCD-QE01-BB
1x KCD-QE02-BB
1x KCD-QM01-BB
1x KCD-QM02-BB
1x M1
1x MAGIC-765-133
1x MB-1200
1x ME51-M-SC
1x ME51-M-ST
1x ME51-S-SC
1x ME61A-S-SC
1x ME61B-S-SC
1x Memocam DV-58
1x MK-KB2A
1x MO-S216P
1x Model MM-543M
1x Model MM10
1x Model MM12
1x Model MM18
1x Model MM28
1x Model MM36
1x Model MM545-Y
1x MPAP-100
1x MPAP-200/300
1x NETcat 2100
1x NOVA-4898-300
1x NOVA-7892
1x NOVA-7896
1x NOvA-7896FW
1x NPort 4511
1x NPort 4511-B
1x NPort 4511-ST
1x NPort 5210
1x NPort 5230
1x NPort 5410
1x NPort 6110
1x NWH650/Euro
1x Opt8A
1x Opt8B
1x Opt8C
1x Opt8D
1x P12FC
1x P12MC
1x P12MCM
1x P18FC
1x P18FCF
1x P18MC
1x P18MCM
1x P24FC
1x P24FCF
1x P24MC
1x P24MCM
1x P33FC
1x P33FCF
1x P33MC
1x P33MCM
1x P4FC
1x P4FCF
1x P4MC
1x P4MCM
1x P6FC
1x P6FCF
1x P6MC
1x P6MCM
1x P8FC
1x P8FCF
1x P8MC
1x P8MCM
1x PC-12
1x PC-31C
1x PC-488-Cable
1x PC-64
1x PC-9
1x PC/104-AL00
1x PC12FCF
1x PCD-U
1x PCD2-B
1x PCD2-F
1x PCI-31-4
1x PCI-31-8
1x PCISA-3716E2V
1x PCISA-3716EV
1x PCIx-002
1x PCIx-004
1x PCIx-020
1x PCIx-040
1x PCIx-200
1x PCIx-202
1x PCIx-400
1x PCM-3724
1x PCM-7890
1x PEAK 555A
1x PEAK 570V
1x PEAK 630A
1x PM-1021
1x PM-1037CS
1x PM-1038
1x PM-1041
1x PS4
1x PS7
1x PSB-810EAV
1x PSU uPC (AC)
1x PSU uPC (DC)
1x QSC-200/300
1x QSC-200/300IND
1x QSP-100
1x QSP-200/300
1x QSU-100
1x QSU-200/300
1x RACK-3030-ACE-935AL
1x RACK-3030R/ARH-6400F
1x RACK-3035-B
1x RACK-3035-W
1x RACK-305AB-ACE925A
1x RACK-305AB-ATX/ACE-828A
1x ROCKY-3701
1x ROCKY-3706EV
1x ROCKY-3706EVG
1x ROCKY-3708E2V
1x ROCKY-3708EV
1x ROCKY-3732EV
1x ROCKY-3732V
1x ROCKY-3785EV
1x ROCKY-3785EVG
1x ROCKY-4782E2V
1x ROCKY-4782EV
1x S-104-CRR2-K300
1x S-104P-CRR2-VE300
1x SPP-100
1x SSD-Adapter
1x SSD-Adapter
1x SSP-100
1x SSP-200/300
1x SSU-100
1x TCC-100
1x TCC-100I
1x TCC-120
1x TCC-120I
1x TCF-140-M
1x TCF-141-M
1x TCF-141-S
1x TELETEST Carry Case
1x Type 7302
1x Type 7304
1x Type RV08
1x VT-2010A
1x VT-3058
1x WAFER-5821-300
1x Wafer-5825-300
1x WAFER-6820-400/SDM-128SD-100-A
1x ZMW-25MF

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IP Cameras
Surplus Products > CCTV Surplus > IP Cameras

CCD IP Camera


Stand-Alone Operation

  • 32bit RISC with 4MB Flash & 32MB SDRAM
  • LAN interface (10/1000MBps Ethernet)
  • Linux 2.4xx Operating System


  • Sensor: 1/3"'94 Colour Sony CCD Sensor
  • Resolution: 380TVL or 480TVL (Model Dependant)
  • Min illumination: 0.5 Lux or 0.2 Lux (Model Dependant)
  • CS mount lens attachment
  • DC-Drive auto-iris lens support

High speed JPEG compression engine

  • International standard, motion JPEG
  • 6 Levels of image quality
  • Image resolution (PAL): 704 x 576, 704 x 288, 352 x 288, 176 x 114
  • Video Speed: 25fps @ 704 x 576
  • Video image sizes: 13.5~37kb @ 704x576, 4~13.5kb @ 352x288, 1.5~5.5kb @ 176x144


  • HTTP, TCP/IP, FTP, telnet, ARP, RARP, PPP,PAP, CHAP, Email, JAVA, etc.
  • Password protected access control: 6 Levels: All, Guest, User,
  • Power-User & Admin
  • IP filtering
  • Email notification on alarm
  • Plug-in DVR software for recording onto remote HDD/PC
  • SDK (CGI API or Active-X component)


  • RS-232 Serial interface for config & modem dial in/out
  • Digital I/O: (1x Opto-Isolated inputs and 1x relay output)
  • Power Consumption: 12VDC @ 1.5A
  • Weight: 500g
  • Dimensions: 146 x 85 x 49mm (L x W x H)
  • Resolution:
    E-Flexcam-1100: 380 TVL
    E-Flexcam-1110L: 380 TVL
    E-Flexcam-1110LW: 380 TVL
    E-Flexcam-1110W: 480 TVL
    E-Flexcam-1110D: 480 TVL
  • Min. Ilum.:
    E-Flexcam-1100: 0.5 Lux
    E-Flexcam-1110L: 0.5 Lux
    E-Flexcam-1110LW: 0.5 Lux
    E-Flexcam-1110W: 0.2 Lux
    E-Flexcam-1110D: 0.2 Lux (Colour), 0.001 Lux (B/W)
  • Lens:
    E-Flexcam-1100: 3.6 mm Board
    E-Flexcam-1110L: DC Auto Iris
    E-Flexcam-1110LW: DC Auto Iris
    E-Flexcam-1110W: DC Auto Iris
    E-Flexcam-1110D: DC Auto Iris
  • LAN10/100:
    E-Flexcam-1100, E-Flexcam-1110L, E-Flexcam-1110LW, E-Flexcam-1110W, E-Flexcam-1110D: Yes
  • Wireless LAN:
    E-Flexcam-1110LW, E-Flexcam-1110W: 802.11g
  • Power over Ethernet:
    E-Flexcam-1110W, E-Flexcam-1110D: 802.3 af POE
  • Pre/Post Alarm Memory:
    E-Flexcam-1110W, E-Flexcam-1110D: 5 MB
  • Motion Detection:
    E-Flexcam-1110LW, E-Flexcam-1110W, E-Flexcam-1110D: 144 image blocks

The FlexCAM-1000 Series is a range of IP video cameras for securityapplications.They feature a built-in 32 bit processor, image compression engine and web server. A Sony CCD sensor provides the imaging front end to a high quality IP camera. A variety of fixed or vari-focal auto-iris CS mount lenses can be used with the E-FlexCam-1000 series.

This IP camera delivers crisp real-time (25fps) video over TCP/IP networks. Monitoring can be done over a TCP/IP network or at a slower speed via ADSL.

For network operation, the camera is assigned a specific IP address. When the user wants to view the camera he opens his internet browser and types in the camera’s IP address. The browser will then connect to the camera and bring up a web page with single or multiple camera views.

Each camera features as standard an auto sensing 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface.The W models have integrated WiFi (802.11g), wireless networking. These are compatible with most wireless networks currrently in use, making your CCTV camera wirefree.

By using the free browser plug-in DVR software, the user can also configure the camera to record video to a newtork HDD. Recording is activated by schedule, motion detection or via alarm input. If the network is connected to the internet, users can access the camera as if they where connecting to a standard internet website. Some models feature 5MB integrated onboard storage for pre/post alarm recording. Recorded footage can be converted to a standard Windows file using the included software.

Some of the special features of the E-FlexCam-1000 series include email/ftp image upload, user level access, serial upgradability of firmware and image encryption. Optional software products available include an SDK, as well as the E-FW-Manager software for multi-IP-camera monitoring/recording.

Ordering Information

Item    Description    Price    Qty
E-FLEXCAM-1100    Network IP Camera - built-in colour 1/3" 380TVL sony ccd camera - 0.5 lux Min Illumination - 10/100mbps ethernet - with 3.6 mm Manual Iris LENS    $ 477.00   
E-FLEXCAM-1110    Network IP Camera - built-in colour 1/3" 480TVL sony ccd camera - 0.2 lux Min Illumination - 10/100mbps ethernet & POE Support - with support for DC Auto-Iris Lenses - Integrated Motion Detection & 5MB Pre/Post Alarm Buffer - 12VDC    $ 745.00   
E-FLEXCAM-1110D    Network IP Camera - built-in colour day/night 1/3" 480TVL Ex-View sony ccd camera - 0.2 lux (Colour Mode) 0.001 lux Min Illumination (B/W mode)- 10/100mbps ethernet & POE Support - with support for DC Auto-Iris Lenses - Integrated Motion Detection & 5MB Pre/Post Alarm Buffer - 12VDC    $ 936.00   
E-FLEXCAM-1110LW    Network IP Camera - built-in colour 1/3" 480TVL sony ccd camera - 0.5 lux Min Illumination - 10/100mbps ethernet & 802.11g wireless LAN - with support for DC Auto-Iris Lenses - Integrated Motion Detection - 12VDC    $ 706.00   
E-FLEXCAM-1110W    Network IP Camera - built-in colour 1/3" 480TVL sony ccd camera - 0.2 lux Min Illumination - 10/100mbps ethernet, 802.11g wireless LAN & POE Support - with support for DC Auto-Iris Lenses - Integrated Motion Detection & 5MB Pre/Post Alarm Buffer - 12VDC    $ 897.00   

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