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19-inch Racks Datasheet
Power Supplies > AC/DC Linear Power Supplies

1U High, Up to 6 Outputs at 600 Watts with I2C Option

  • Outputs Set by DIP Switches
  • Advanced “CellularPower”™ Architecture
  • Up to 5 Outputs Plus 5V, ¼ A Standby
  • 508 Different Models
  • Hot-Swap or Chassis Mount Versions
  • 1.8 to 12VDC Outputs
  • AC or DC Input
  • I2C Serial Data Bus Option
  • Integral LED Status Indicators
  • 6.8 Watts/Cubic Inch Power Density
  • Power Factor Corrected (AC Input)
  • Low Profile: 1.6 Inches High (1U)
  • Hot-Swappable Connector
  • Staged Pin Lengths
  • ORing Diodes on All Outputs
  • Two- or Three-Unit 19” Racks*
  • Active Current Sharing on V1, V2 & V3
  • Universal 85 to 264VAC Input
  • Class B EMI Input Filter
  • Wide Range 36 to 72 VDC Input
  • DC Input Reverse Polarity Protected
  • Optimized Thermal Management
  • No Minimum Load, Any Output
  • Control & Monitoring Features
  • The Next Generation Multi-Output Switcher
    OEMs can now take advantage of the advanced switching capabilities of UNIPOWER's new PowerCassette®. With up to six outputs and 600 watts output power, the unit is a slim 1.6 inches (less than 1U) high. Employing new CellularPower™ architecture consisting of standardized power cells, these switchers are simply and quickly programmed at the factory to meet virtually any desired combination of output voltages and currents. The result is a multi-output power supply with fast delivery in prototyping quantities which is also cost-effective in production volumes.

    Fast Time-to-Market
    PowerCasette® reduces time-to-market for your product by providing fast delivery of slim, ultra-compact prototypes that are identical to high-volume production units.

    CellularPower™ Architecture Does It
    PowerCassette® has four standard power cells: one for input filter, rectifier and power factor converter and three others for pre-configured single- and multi-output DC/DC converters which produce up to five separate outputs. These converters are programmed to the required outputs based on voltage and power leve. There are two high-current, one medium-current and two low-current outputs available from the converters. A sixth output is a separate low-current, 5V standby supply.

    Long-Term Reliability
    A unique thermal design incorporates internal channels to precisely direct the forced airflow through the unit for optimized heat removal. The result is reliable long-term operation.

    Built-In Intelligence

    With full hot-swap capability which gives system fault tolernace and flexibility, PowerCassette® offers intelligent monitoring of functions through an optional 12C interface with a host computer. This can show at a glance the status of the power supply, diagnose any imminent fault and take appropriate action to avoide any interruption of opertion. This integrated diagnostics feature is unique for such a compact, low-profile power supply. Other interface functions separate from 12C include current sharing, output power good and input power fail signals, overtemperature warning, and enable and inhibit inputs.

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