1x 488-USB
1x BL-500
1x BL-510
1x BL-554
1x BL-565
1x C104H (DB9 & DB25)
1x C104H/PCI (DB9 & DB25)
1x C104HS (DB9 & DB25)
1x C104HS/PCI (DB9 & DB25)
1x C168H
1x C168H/PCI
1x C168HS
1x C218Turbo
1x CI-104J
1x CI-132
1x CI-132I
1x CI-132IS
1x CI-134
1x CI-134I
1x CI-134IS
1x CP-204J
1x CP-DS
1x DE-301
1x DR-120-24
1x DR-4524
1x DR-75-24
1x DSC-100
1x DSC-100-750
1x DSC-100IND
1x E-DV2001
1x E-FireBoard-400
1x E-FireBoard-Blue
1x E-FireRepeater
1x E-LP-10R01
1x E-PLA-653
1x E-PLA-654
1x E-PLA-661-KIT
1x E-PLA-662-KIT
1x E-PLA-741
1x E-PLA-741P
1x KCD-MQ01-BA
1x KCD-MQ02-AA
1x KCD-QD01-BA
1x KCD-QD02-BB
1x KCD-QE01-BB
1x KCD-QE02-BB
1x KCD-QM01-BB
1x KCD-QM02-BB
1x M1
1x ME51-M-SC
1x ME51-M-ST
1x ME51-S-SC
1x ME61A-S-SC
1x ME61B-S-SC
1x NPort 4511
1x NPort 4511-B
1x NPort 4511-ST
1x NPort 5210
1x NPort 5230
1x NPort 6110
1x NWH650/Euro
1x PC-31C
1x PC-488-Cable
1x PCI-31-4
1x PCI-31-8
1x TCC-100
1x TCC-100I
1x TCC-120
1x TCC-120I
1x TCF-140-M
1x TCF-141-M
1x TCF-141-S

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Industrial Communication Products > Serial Communication > PCI Communication > RS-422/485 Boards

8-Port Intelligent RS-232 Universal PCI Board

  • 8-port RS-232 intelligent communication board
  • Effectively reduces CPU loading
  • Versatile OS driver support
  • Various connection options
  • Data transmission speed up to 921.6 Kbps
  • Embedded memory up to 512 KB
  • High throughput for great performance
  • Compact ISA board size
  • MOXA C218Turbo/PCI is a multiport serial board that is specifically designed for small but performance demanding applications. With its state-of-the-art ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), on-board RISC processor (TI TMS320), and large I/O buffer (512 KB), the C218Turbo is a world class I/O serial board. It can maintain a sustained 230.4 Kbps throughput on all eight ports simultaneously while only occupying 5% of the host's processor time*, freeing up more host resources for other tasks. This feature is particularly applicable to fast response demanding industrial control applications, and high speed telecommunication applications.

    * The benchmark was set using the Equinox ComTach program on a Pentium-233 platform running Windows NT 4.0.


  • Highest performance to meet all speed-demanding and data intensive communication applications
  • Intelligent on-board processor takes a significant load off the host CPU
  • Large on-board buffer for high-performance communication
  • Compact design size—ideal for high performance, server-based systems

  • Applications
  • Critical industrial control
  • Response demanding monitoring systems
  • Embedded industrial machines
  • Small Internet/Intranet communication server
  • High speed modem/ISDN connectivity
  • PC-based routers
  • Ordering Information

    Item    Description    Price    Qty
    C218Turbo/PCI    8 port intelligent async board, PCI bus, 921.6 Kbps (requires interface option)    $ 980.00   

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