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1x DSC-200/300IND
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1x ME61A-S-SC
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1x NPort 4511-B
1x NPort 4511-ST
1x NPort 5210
1x NPort 5230
1x NPort 6110
1x NWH650/Euro
1x PC-31C
1x PC-488-Cable
1x PCI-31-4
1x PCI-31-8
1x TCC-100
1x TCC-100I
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1x TCC-120I
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Industrial Communication Products > Serial Communication > PCI Communication > RS-422/485 Boards

Four Port RS-422/485 Serial PCI Board

  • Four independent serial interfaces
  • Configurable on-board as RS-422 or RS-485
  • PCI bus specification 2.1 compliant
  • Speeds to 921.6 kbps
  • 16750 UARTs with 64-byte FIFOs standard
  • Four-layer board design
  • All ports share a single PCI interrupt
  • Optional surge suppression package
  • Standard female D-37 connector
  • Optional cable with four D-25 males connectors
  • Windows 95/98/NT, Windows 2000 and OS/2 supported
  • The QSC-200/300 provides four independent serial channels, each of which is jumper configurable for either RS-422 or RS-485. All four channels are addressed in a continuous 32-byte I/O block for simplified software access, and all channels can share one PCI interrupt. An interrupt status register is available for determining the interrupt source. PCI registers are properly implemented to assure that Plug & Play works reliably, and that the card will not cause PCI bus conflicts.

    The QSC-200/300 is implemented with two 16750 UARTs containing 64-byte FIFOs. It has a clock multiplying feature allowing the board to achieve data rates as high as 921.6 kbps. The high clock speeds and deep FIFOs will greatly reduce CPU overhead, making the QSC-200/300 an ideal choice for heavy multi-tasking environments.

    To maintain maximum signal integrity, the QSC-200/300 uses a four-layer board design. For even more protection in industrial environments, an optional surge suppression package is available for the standard board. This "IND" option applies a surge suppressor to each line that is capable of sustaining up to 40A 20ms peak transient surges, a clamping voltage of 30V and a peak energy dissipation of 0.1 Joules. (Note that implementing the IND option restricts the board's speed to 115.2 kbps.)

    External connections are provided via one female D-37 connector. An optional cable will convert the D-37 into four standard D-25 male connectors. Support is provided for Windows 95/98/NT, Windows 2000 and OS/2.

    Ordering Information

    Item    Description    Price    Qty
    QSC-200/300    Four Port RS-422/485 Serial PCI Board    $ 348.00   
    QSC-200/300IND    4 port RS-422/485 board with 16550 UARTs & surg    $ 406.00   
    Optional Accessories

    Item    Description    Price    Qty
    CP-QS    Converts D-37 to four D-25 cable for QSC-200/300    $ 74.00   

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