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Industrial Communication Products > Serial Communication > PCI Communication > RS-232 Boards

Two Port RS-232 Serial PCI Board

  • Two independent RS-232 interfaces
  • PCI bus specification 2.1 compliant
  • Speeds to 921.6 kbps
  • 16750 UARTs with 64-byte FIFOs standard
  • Interrupt status register for increased performance
  • Four-layer board design
  • All ports share a single PCI interrupt
  • Optional surge suppression package
  • Windows 95/98/NT, Windows 2000 and OS/2 supported
  • The DSC-100 enhanced serial board provides two RS-232 serial ports on a single PCI board. As a PCI device, the DSC-100 requires no hardware configuration. The card is automatically configured by the computer's BIOS or operating system. The two serial ports share a single interrupt line and are addressed in a contiguous block of 16 bytes. A special interrupt status register is provided to manage the shared interrupt. The DSC-100 completely adheres to the PCI 2.1 specification, and all PCI registers are properly implemented, so users can be assured that the DSC-100 will not conflict with other properly implemented PCI devices.

    The DSC-100 is implemented with two 16750 UARTs containing 64-byte FIFOs. It has a clock multiplying feature allowing the board to achieve data rates as high as 921.6 kbps. The high clock speeds and deep FIFOs will greatly reduce CPU overhead, making the DSC-100 an ideal choice for heavy multi-tasking environments.

    To maintain maximum signal integrity, the DSC-100 uses a four-layer board design. But, for even more protection in industrial environments, an optional surge suppression package is available. This "IND" option, applies a surge suppressor to each line that is capable of sustaining up to 40A 20ms peak transient surges, a clamping voltage of 30V and a peak energy dissipation of 0.1 Joules. (Note that implementing the IND option restricts the board's speed to 115.2 kbps.)

    Ordering Information

    Item    Description    Price    Qty
    DSC-100    2 port RS-232 with 16550 UARTs with cable    $ 165.00   
    DSC-100-750    2 port RS-232 board with 16750 UARTs    $ 1493.00   
    DSC-100IND    2 port RS-232 board with 16550 UARTS    $ 187.00   
    Optional Accessories

    Item    Description    Price    Qty
    CP-DS    Cable to convert standard D-9 to D-25 female for DSC-100    $ 17.00   

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