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Sensors > Wireless > Smart I/O > Thermocouple

Smart I/O, J Type (ºC to 760ºC)

  • Part of Wireless Connection between Sensors and Computers, PDAs, and the Internet
  • Provides Interface Between Sensor and CrossNet Node
  • Integrated Advanced Signal Conditioning
  • Compatible With Leading Sensor Technologies
  • The Smart I/O (SI/O) provides the connection from the sensor to the CN1000 Node. The SI/O receives the output of the individual sensor, conditions it to an accurate high level analog signal, stores the configuration and then communicates that information to the node. SI/Os are available for most of the popular sensors in use today. When the SI/O with attached sensor is plugged into any CN1000, the node automatically detects the type of sensor in use and its usable range, allowing the Node to report data to the user in appropriate engineering units. As a result it creates a sensor system that is completely portable, self-identifying and ready to transmit data by just plugging it into the Node.

    The SI/O has two functions. The first part provides the signal conditioning for each sensor. Since different signal conditioning methods are required for different sensors, a series of SI/Os is available to maximize the accuracy of your measurements. The second part of the SI/O stores the configuration which informs the Node about the type of sensor installed, its usable range and other information. This allows the Node to transmit the sensor data in appropriate engineering units. The configuration is stored in flash memory in each individual SI/O and can be reprogrammed by the user as necessary.


    If you already have your sensors you can easily program your own S/IO. First order the correct SI/O type for the sensor you have. Connect your sensor to the SI/O using the integrated terminal block. Then plug the other end of the SI/O into the Node. Included is a Windows based utility that will take you through the simple steps of programming the TEDS in the SI/O. Once programmed you have a combined unit that is completely portable, self-identifying and ready to transmit data.

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