Representing the next step in the evolution of Distributed Fiber Sensing, ONYX™ converts existing telecommunications fiber optic cable into a rich vibration, detection and ranging system.

By harnessing the power of quantitative data it accurately classifies and geolocates all moving objects and potential threats within 6 metres both in real time and historically, putting you in control to respond appropriately.


Quantitative measurements | ONYX™ is a fully coherent, phase-based DAS system which enables the use of sophisticated event classification algorithms to achieve a low nuisance alarm rate.

Standard 100km – 130km range | Two 50km – 65km (depending on applications) fibers can be used simultaneously, monitored from a single ONYX™.

Industry leading sensitivity | Capable of resolving an axial strain of 1.5 pico-strain using standard single-mode optical fiber.

Integrated compact design | All the optical sensing components, electronics and processing hardware have been incorporated into one compact unit.

Small form factor | Using only 3U of rack space and weighing less than 17kg, ONYX™ is easy to transport and once installed has a small footprint.

Low power requirement | ONYX™ operates on just 100W, enabling it to be powered from utility power or from harvested energy supplies.

Laser safe | ONYX™ uses a Class 1 laser making it eye safe and inherently safe to use.

Trigger input and GNSS time synchronisation | ONYX™ accepts external triggers and can synchronise its clock to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reference to ensure that highly accurate time stamped data is acquired and recorded.

Full software control | All the acquisition sensing parameters such as pulse width, gauge length, sample rate and decimation factor are software defined and can be quickly and easier changed to enable the optimum settings use in each deployment.

Industry leading algorithms | Based upon many decades worth of combined experience the Sintela team have developed a suite of application specific, detection and classification algorithms providing unrivalled levels of detection with low rates of nuisance alarm.

Web based user Interface | Each ONYX™ incorporates its own web server providing the user with remote web access to a modern user interface from any web browser on a secure intranet / internet connection.

Distributed architecture | ONYX™ has been designed around a fully distributed architecture eliminating single points-of-failure in multisystem networked deployments.

Automatic setup with fiber monitoring | An automated installation process simplifies the setup, commissioning and testing stages of the ONYX™ implementation.

Open architecture | ONYX™ is an open system meaning that a customer can load and operate their own software upon the ONYX™ hardware if they prefer.